Sunnis always ridicule Shia; saying that Shia do not have the Sahih narrative and that the Shia narrators are not authentic !!!
Just because Sunnis do not like Shia hadithes doesn’t mean they are weak! Shia Hadithes are narrated from Ahlul Bayt while Sunni Hdithes are narated by anyone who had seen the Prophet with his eyes (Sahabi)!

But observing the Sunni books, the Sunnis themselves have admitted that most Sunni narrators are weakened and if the narration of anyone who disagrees is rejected, there is no correct tradition in the Sunni religion !!!

ولَو ذهب الْعلمَاء إِلَى ترك كل من تكلم فِيهِ لم يبْق بأيدي أهل هَذَا الشَّأْن من الحَدِيث إِلَّا الْيَسِير بل لم يبْق شَيْء وَمن الَّذِي ينجو من النَّاس سالما
📚النكت على مقدمة ابن الصلاح جلد ۳ صفحه ۳۴۵۳۴۶٫

🔶 If the scholars gonna leave anyone who has an unreliability mentioned about him, there will be nothing left but a few hadiths, but even no hadiths will be left and no body will remain safe.

📚Alkant alaMuqaddat ibn al-salah Volume 3, page 345-6

But who is Zarqashi?

🌐 كان فقيهاً أصولياً أديباً فاضلاً، ودرس وأفتى، وكان أكثر اشتغاله بالفقه وأصوله وعلوم الحديث والقرآن والتفسير

 (http://fatwa.islamweb.net/fatwa/index.php?page=showfatwa&Option=FatwaId&Id=80709)#invalid #sunni_hadith