Apocalypse, the result of a world without Imam (divine Leader)

Apocalypse, the result of a world without a Divine Leader (Imam)

Take a look around

Are you noticing something? Do you sense something? Everything  is indicating that we have reached the Apocalypse now.

We are engulfed with famine, mass-murdering, slaughter, despair, depression, and cruelty.

Aren’t you tired of it all?

Everyday, when we wake up, we hear a new sad and unpleasant news. Sometimes I like to turn off the TV or not even look at the phone in my hand so I don’t hear bad news over and over again.

Everyday innocent people are killed around the world. Even the very homeless people that I see everyday in very bad conditions and quality of life, bothers me.

Honestly, where is the world headed to? Ever wondered? It’s as if we’ve reached the dead end. 

Can it get more worse than this?  

Wasn’t the industrial revolution of England and France supposed to make the world better? So why didn’t, what we desired for, happen? 

Weren’t the people of Europe and America supposed to be the masters of the world? Superpowers precisely. So why aren’t they successful in their control? 

Perhaps we’re truly living in the Apocalypse era. Maybe this is the answer to our questions? 

Wasn’t the economic condition of all the people of the world supposed to improve? Wasn’t racial discrimination supposed to end? So why didn’t things go according to the promises these political leaders made with their nations? Why didn’t their promises made to their countries come to fruition? Why did it all lead towards one disaster after the other? 

Don’t tell me

that we still live in apartheid times – I don’t want to believe this even for a fraction of a second. 

Don’t tell me that George Floyd lost his life by his body mercilessly forced under the knees of the American police just because of the colour of his skin? I don’t want to believe this either. 

Don’t tell me that only elites can enjoy delicious meals and the rest have to look find left over thrown food in the garbage, to fill their appetites. 

I don’t like to believe these days. I don’t like to believe the bad news of the International Monetary Fund, which talks about the bad economic days in the coming years.

Wasn’t the human rights organization created to improve the situation of the people of the world? So why is if that everyday a human loses his life due to the endless wars? 

Are we at Apocalypse time?

Communism, imperialism, socialism, marxism and each and every single -ism told us that it will save humanity, but their empty and false promises got expired and now we are standing in the Apocalypse, helpless, miserable, in immense pain. 

Now we stand, deceived by these war-mongers, in the end of times and maybe it is time for the Final Saviour to arrive. The real Apocalypse Saviour who will remove all sorrows with his arrival. That real Savior who is kinder to us than our father, our mother and all the loved ones.

That real saviour

whose name is Mahdi [peace be upon him] and all the good qualities are within his glorious, noble existence. 

It’s about time we wake our conscious which has been sound asleep since God knows when. It is about time, we all unite and together, pray for The Saviour. 

I wish we could be the helpers of that Savior of the Apocalypse. I wonder, how can that be possible? Perhaps, my contribution to the advent and emergence of Mahdi [peace be upon him] that kind and unique father, is to help a disabled old woman crossing the street today? Maybe my contribution today is to take a warm meal for a homeless man or maybe put a warm blanket on him. Maybe glancing with kindness at my parents and people is my share of help today to prove that I am in the ranks of Imam Mahdi’s helpers.

What is your contribution today?

How are you going to prepare yourself to welcome him and assist him in the global revolution?