Caliphs and the Jews

The relationship between the Jews and the Caliphs


There is no doubt that there were connections between Jews and the Caliphs, as we will find out by paying a little attention in the history of the Prophet PBUH and the beginning of Islam.

 Of course, as long as the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was alive, the Caliphs hid this relationship as much as it was possible, but when the Holy Prophet PBUH passed away, the Caliphs not only made this connection public by taking over the Caliphate, but they also caused a great deal of Jewish influence in Islam, as exemplified in some cases:

أَنَّ أَبَا بَكْرٍ الصِّدِّيقَ دَخَلَ عَلَى عَائِشَةَ وَهِيَ تَشْتَكِي وَيَهُودِيَّةٌ تَرْقِيهَا، فَقَالَأَبُو بَكْرٍ ارْقِيهَا بِكِتَابِ اللَّهِ.



Abubakr Siddiq entered the Ayesha, and she was suffering from illness, and a Jewish woman was praying for her (the wife of the messenger of Allah!). So Abubakr said: Pray for her from the book of Allah (Torah)

(Imam Malik- Al-Muwatta, vol. 2 , p. 943) [Strong Sunni source]
(Imam Shafi;i- Kutab Al-Umm, vol. 7 , p. 241) [Strong Sunni source]


The wife of Prophet (PBUH) goes to Torah in order to get Shifaa instead, rather than going to Quran of his own Prophet and husband. What does it mean??

فَقَالَأَبُو بَكْرٍ ارْقِيهَا بِكِتَابِ اللَّهِ یعني بالتورات والإنجیل

Abubakr said pray for her from the book of Allah, it means from the Torah and Gospel
(Al–Ayni- Umdatul Qari-Sharh on Sahih Bukhari, vol. 21 , p. 262) [Strong Sunni source]


Please note that
Imam Malik is the Imam of 1/4 of Ahlul Sunnah andImam Shafii is also the Imam of 1/4 of Ahlul Sunnah!

So that narration is as strong as accepted by half of the whole Ahlul Sunnah!

It is mentioned in important Sunni books that Omar and his daughter Hafsa were interested in the Torah and insisted tried to learn it. 

  • One day, Omar came to the Prophet (PBUH) with a copy of the translation of the Torah and began to read. Meanwhile, the Prophet (PBUH) became very angry and annoyed. Abu Bakr sharply rebuked Omar. So the Prophet (PBUH) said: “Do not ask the People of the Book for anything as they will never guide you because they themselves are misguided. If Moses (pbuh) were alive and lived among you, it would not have been permissible for him except to follow me.”

(Musnad Ahmad, vol. 3, p. 387) [Strong Sunni source]

  •  Once again, Omar brought a book from a Jew to the Prophet (PBUH). He destroyed it and said, “Do not follow the Jews.” They were perished, and will perish you too. ”

(Kanz al-Amal, vol. 1, p. 371) [Shia source]

  •  “Omar told a person to make an Umrah pilgrimage if he went to Jerusalem.”

 (Kunz al-Amal, Khabar 38194) [Shia source]

  •   “Omar himself, while entering Jerusalem, said Labik Allahuma Labik (like the Jews) and made a ‘Davoodi’ (Jewish) prostration.”

(Kanz al-Amal, Khabar 38191) [Shia source]

  • It is also narrated that Omar used to attend the schools of the People of the Book (Jews) in Medina. 

(Al-Dar Al-Manthur, vol. 1, p. 90) [Strong Sunni source]

  •  “Omar organized a private meeting with the Jewish jurisprudential leader in order to obtain knowledge from the Jews.”

(Tanslation of Tarikh Tabari, Volume 5, page 1788) [Sunni source]

Sayouti states below the Ayah 97 of Surah al-Baqarah:

  • Omar, the second Caliph said: “I always used to attend the meeting of Jews in their schools at the region of ‘Rohha’ on their teaching days, and Jews used to tell me: ‘neither of your companions is has connection with us more than you, and you are the most honorable person from among them in our opinion because you’re the only one who keeps his connection such strongly with us’ “

(Al-Darr al-Manthur, vol.  1, p. 90) [Strong Sunni source]

According to Sunni elders, the nickname “Farooq” was given by the Jews to ‘Omar ibn al-Khattab.’ for the first time.

Ibn Shahab says:

  • “The People of the Book were the first to call Omar ‘Farooq’ and the Muslims were impressed by this word, and we have not received anything from the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) in this regard”

 (Tabaqat al-Kubra; vol. 3, p. 270) [Strong Sunni source]
 (Tarikh Damishq; vol. 44, p. 51) [Sunni source]
 (Tarikh Tabari; vol. 3, p. 267 ) [Sunni source]
(Asad al-Ghaba; vol. 4, p. 57.) [Strong Sunni source]

For more info and see the full Isnad and sources from Sunni books, read this

The usurpers of the Caliphate, on the one hand, forbade the people from writing hadiths and asking about the meanings of the Qur’an (for 100 years!), and on the other hand, led them to the knowledges from the People of the Book.

(Az-Zahabi, Tazkiratul Hifaz, vol. 10, p. 223;) [Sunni source]

They quoted the Messenger of God (pbuh) as saying:

  • “Do not narrate from me, but narrate from the children of Israel!”

(Sunan Abi Dawood; vol. 2, p. 180). [Strong Sunni source]
 (Kunz al-Amal, vol. 10, p. 223;) [Shia source]

Jewish scholars such as Ka’b al-Ahbar, Wahb ibn Maniya, Abdullah ibn Salam, etc., officially and with the support of the Caliphe’s government, propagated their falsehoods. Thus, the falsehoods of the People of the Book were widely spread among Muslims. Ka’b trained many students among Muslims, such as Abu Musa al-Ash’ari, Abu Hurayrah, Omar ibn al-Khattab, Abdullah ibn Omar, Abdullah ibn Zubayr, and so on.Omar also tried to make Ka’b look more honorable
(Al-Darr al-Manthur, vol. 4, p. 57, and vol. 6, p. 285.) [Strong Sunni source]

At the behest of Omar, Tamim Dari began to read stories before Friday prayers at the Prophet’s Mosque.

 The storytellers read aloud the stories of the distorted Torah.
The storytellers spread rapidly with the support of the caliphs.
(History of Medina, vol. 1, p. 11)  [Strong Sunni source]

Now you may get your answer that where do the Isra’iliyyat in islam come from.

The usurping government established many innovations in Islam by the support of Jews and relying on the 

Jewish sciences and elements and their experience and expertise in distorting religions.The result of these efforts led to the fact that among the Muslims: “There was nothing left of Islam, but a name, and of the Qur’an except a writing.”
Imam Sadiq (PBUH) said: “People were not left with anything from what the Messenger of God (PBUH) had brought except that the Ka’bah was their qibla”
(Mahasan, vol. 1, p. 156)

In the end, the result was that the Jews who dreamed to go to Quds for years, but were’nt able to go there, convinced the second Caliph to conquer the Quds, and then entered there while they were saying: “Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik”. The second Caliph intended the Hajjul Umrah..
M.r Kaabul Ahwar showed him a region and told him to build up a Mosque there, for that is a holy land. Therefore, they built up their temple by the hands of Muslims, they themselves could not overcome the Romans same as the Crusades in which Jews couldn’t overcome Muslims so used Christians to overcome the Muslims