The hidden benefits of reading Nudba prayer – part 2

The Narrators and Authenticity of the Nudba prayer

The Nudba prayer was narrated by trusted scholars like Sayyid Ibn Tawus and Muhammad ibn Mashhadi, who carefully only quoted reliable sources. Ibn Buzufari, one of the narrators, recommends reciting the Nudba prayer during holy days like Eid al-Ghadir, indicating it is based on traditions from the Imams. Furthermore, the content displays a precision and excellence reflecting its origins from the Imams.

Why Recognizing the Imam’s Status and Person is Critical

Professor Raefipour explains that in Shiism, recognizing both the status and personality of the Imam is critical. The Ahlul Bayt insisted their followers gain this recognition, which was upheld by previous prophets like Abraham but distorted by others. Verse 124 of Surah Baqarah establishes imamate as a divinely appointed position.

Because the Imam is the Khalifatullah, all affairs like life, death, rizq come through him. His authority over angels depends on his servitude to God. Although the Jews had understood imamate, they deviated into false esotericism.

Recognizing Imam Mahdi‘s Person and Character

The Prophet Muhammad said not knowing your Imam means dying an ignorant death. Thus, the Imams prayed their Shiites would recognize Imam Mahdi during occultation. Quranic verses like 17:71 also show we will be resurrected alongside the one we loved.

Narrations in Al-Kafi detail recognizing each Imam and the Imam of your time. Obeying the Imam is like following God and His Messenger. Being unaware of your Imam means being among the misguided the Fatiha refers to.

How the Nudba prayer Deepens Recognition of Imam Mahdi

The Nudba prayer reviews the history of prophets and imamate to demonstrate Imam Mahdi inherits this legacy as the culmination. It also creates longing through describing his reappearance while making us reflect on appreciating him during occultation.

Moreover, the narrations contained in the Nudba prayer are agreed upon by Sunnis and Shias as underscoring the Imam’s status. Therefore, reciting it regularly connects our hearts to Imam Mahdi and increases recognition of his rights over us.

The prayer’s Emphasis on the Elevated Status of Imam Mahdi

The Nudba prayer highlights many aspects that demonstrate the supreme rank and rights Imam Mahdi has over the believers. For instance, it refers to him as “the remnant of God on His earth” which underscores his role as God’s final Proof and authority on the religion.

It also describes the reappearance in vivid detail, such as “the day you are standing, and they have surrounded you from all sides, hailing you with their Takbeers.” This emphasizes the Day of Judgment-like scenario when truth will prevail over falsehood definitively.

Such descriptions are aimed at cultivating reverence and awe of the Imam’s station in the hearts of the reciter. They remind that being honored with serving Imam Mahdi is the greatest blessing the Almighty can confer upon a believer.

Inculcating a Sense of Duty Towards Imam Mahdi

While kindling recognition of Imam Mahdi’s lofty rank, the Nudba prayer also instills a sense of duty towards fulfilling the rights the Imam holds over us. For instance, it includes passages lamenting the difficulties borne by Imam Mahdi in occultation and the loneliness he experiences while awaiting his advent.

This generates empathy and a determination to avoid further hurting the Imam through acts of disobedience. The believer who frequently recites the Nudba prayer develops a constant mindfulness to observe the Imam’s rights and refrain from sins that displease him.

Overall, studying the Nudba prayer under scholarly guidance enables comprehending the majesty of Imam Mahdi’s position. This motivates adhering to the Ahlul Bayt’s guidance and preparing spiritually to assist the Imam at reappearance.

FAQ on the Nudba prayer

Q: Who narrated the Nudba prayer and what is its chain of transmission?A: It was narrated by trusted early scholars including Sayyid Ibn Tawus through an authentic chain containing Ibn Buzufari.
Q: What are some key points about the necessity of recognizing the Imam?A: Recognizing the Imam’s status and personal qualities is vital in Shiism based on Quran verses and hadiths.
Q: How can reciting the Nudba prayer help recognize Imam Mahdi?A: By highlighting Imam Mahdi’s inheritance of the legacy of Prophets and Imams, and creating longing for his return, it strengthens love and recognition.
Q: What topics does Professor Raefipour’s analysis cover?A: The narrators, need for Imam recognition in Shiism, Imam’s qualities, and using the Nudba prayer to develop recognition.
Q: Why should Shias make reciting the Nudba prayer a regular practice?A: To deepen understanding of Imam Mahdi’s rights over us and live more sincerely in submission to him.


In summary, this lecture by Professor Raefipour provided insightful analysis of the Nudba prayer and how reciting it regularly can increase recognition of Imam Mahdi. The authentic narrations about the origins of this prayer were covered along with explanations of its content that highlights the Imam’s lofty status. Reciting this masterpiece of devotional literature nurtures a profound connection with Imam Mahdi in occultation, and there are clear incentives for the faithful to make its regular recitation part of their spiritual regimen.