Who is Siddiq and Faruq??

Abubakr Siddiq & Omar Farooq
…. or Ali ?

🔺The nicknames ‘Siddiq Akbar & Faruq Azam’ belonged to who exactly? To Abubakr & Omar or to Ali (PBUH) ??


🔹 According the authentic sources of both Sunni and Shia, the titles: Siddiq Akbar & Faruq Azam were given to Imam Ali PBUH by Prophet Muhammad PBUH. But they were related to Abubakr and Omar by Jews for the first time.

🔻 Documented by Sunni elders:

📚 Muhammad ibn Talah Shafi’i in Al-Salat, Tabari in Kabir, Baihaqi in Sunan

📚 Ibn Abi al-Hadid In The Sharhul Nahj al-Balagha, they quote from Ibn ‘Abbas, Salman, Abidar and Haqqifah that the Prophet (PBUH), pointed at Ali ibn Abi Talib (PBUH) by his hand, he said:

🔸«إن هذا أول من آمن بي و اول من یصافحني یوم القیامة و هذا الصدیق الاکبر و هذا فاروق هذه الامة یفرق بین الحق و الباطل»

🔺”Surely Ali was the first to believe in me, and the first to be with me on the Day of Judgment. Ali is Sadiq Akbar, and the Farouq of this Ummah, and separates the truth from falsehood.”


According to Sunni elders, the nickname “Farooq” was given to ‘Omar ibn al-Khattab.’ by JEWS for the first time.

Ibn Shahab says:

  • “The People of the Book were the first to call Omar ‘Farooq’ and the Muslims were impressed by this word, and we have not received anything from the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) in this regard”

📚  (Tabaqat al-Kubra; vol. 3, p. 270) [Strong Sunni source]
📚  (Tarikh Damishq; vol. 44, p. 51) [Sunni source]
📚  (Tarikh Tabari; vol. 3, p. 267 ) [Sunni source]
📚 (Asad al-Ghaba; vol. 4, p. 57.) [Strong Sunni source]


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