Hadith – Imam Hassan PBUH: Affability, a sign of intelligence

Hadith Imam Hassan PBUH affability

πŸ¦‹ Imam Hassan PBUH :

πŸ’•Affability with people, is the head of intelligence (aql).

πŸ“šBihar al-Anwar V.6, P111


In the teachings of Islam, the role of intelligence (aql) is highly emphasized. It not only refers to intellectual capacity but also to the ability to behave according to the knowledge one possesses. The significance of this concept is beautifully encapsulated in a hadith by Imam Hassan (PBUH), which states, “Affability with people is the head of intelligence (aql).” In this blog post, we will delve deeper into this enlightening hadith and explore its profound implications in our daily lives.

Understanding Aql

To comprehend the essence of this hadith, it is crucial to clarify the meaning of the word “aql.” Often translated as intelligence, aql in the Quranic context goes beyond simply possessing knowledge. Rather, it refers to the conscious application of knowledge in one’s behavior. For instance, a medical doctor fully understands the harmful effects of smoking, yet continues to smoke. This demonstrates a lack of aql, as their behavior contradicts their knowledge.

The Significance of Affability

Imam Hassan (PBUH) aptly proclaims that affability with people is the head of intelligence. Affability encompasses kindness, compassion, and empathy towards others. It reflects our ability to treat people with respect, regardless of their background, position, or status. The hadith further explains that the sign of one having the highest level of aql is their inclination towards becoming affable with people. This emphasizes that true intelligence encompasses not only knowledge but also a deep understanding of interpersonal relationships and human emotions.

Developing True Intelligence

An essential aspect of intelligence is having emotional intelligence, which can be defined as the ability to understand and manage one’s emotions and effectively relate to others. A person who practices affability truly embodies intelligence by choosing to apply their knowledge in how they interact with others. This distinct form of intelligence extends beyond academia and encompasses moral and ethical conduct.

Implications in Daily Life

The hadith’s additional explanation encourages us to reflect on our own conduct and the way we interact with people around us. Are we using our knowledge to treat others with kindness, empathy, and respect? Or are we allowing biases, pride, or superiority to overshadow our intelligence? Affability opens doors to building meaningful relationships, fostering unity, and promoting a peaceful and harmonious society.

Striving for Excellence

Islam emphasizes the continuous improvement of one’s character and behavior. By embodying affability, we adopt a mindset of constant growth and strive for excellence in all aspects of our lives. As we increase our knowledge, it is of utmost importance to use it to shape our actions positively. This aligns with the true essence of aql and serves as a testament to our high moral standards.


Imam Hassan’s hadith, alongside its additional explanation, poignantly reminds us that true intelligence resides not only in the accumulation of knowledge but also in our behavior towards others. Affability with people serves as the epitome of intelligence, reflecting our ability to apply our wisdom effectively and develop deep connections. Let us internalize this powerful teaching and strive to embody affability in all our interactions, thereby fostering a more compassionate and enlightened world.

A poem on tis topic

In the realm of intelligence, there resides an eternal light,
Guided by the teachings of faith, shining ever so bright.
Imam Mahdi, the beacon, heralds wisdom from above,
In his name, let us weave a poem, a testament of love.
Affability, the key, to unlock the doors of the heart,
Imam Mahdi’s message, a profound and sacred art.
The head of intelligence, affability proclaims,
A virtue that transcends, extols noble aims.
In Islam’s teachings, wisdom takes on a higher plane,
Not mere knowledge, but behavior, the true refrain.
Imam Mahdi reminds us, with gentle, guiding voice,
Intelligence encompasses love, empathy, and choice.
To possess aql, one must rise above the rest,
Embrace emotional intelligence, at its very best.
Seek wisdom in interactions, treat others with grace,
For affability begets unity, in every time and place.
Reflect upon our conduct, Imam Mahdi calls,
Are we using knowledge to tear down, or build walls?
Let biases dissolve, erode pride and vanity,
Embrace affability, foster a world of sanity.
Imam Mahdi, the embodiment of excellence to aspire,
In each moment, let this wisdom genuinely inspire.
Strive for constant growth, character’s refinement,
For affability and intelligence are forever intertwined.
Imam Mahdi’s teachings kindle a flame within,
A call to imbue our actions with compassion, akin.
Let affability guide our paths, as we journey on,
In Imam Mahdi’s name, true intelligence is drawn.
So let us walk this path, with humility and grace,
Embrace the warmth of affability, in every embrace.
Imam Mahdi’s legacy, a timeless and divine gift,
May his teachings enlighten and our spirits uplift.
In the importance of affability, Imam Mahdi’s light shines,
True intelligence is seen, in our deeds, in every sign.
Let this poem be a tribute, a humble ode to proclaim,
In Imam Mahdi’s presence, let love forever be aflame.


What does the hadith by Imam Hassan (PBUH) mean?The hadith states that “Affability with people is the head of intelligence (aql).” It means that treating people with kindness and respect is an important aspect of true intelligence.
What does “aql” mean in the Quranic context?In the Quranic context, “aql” refers to more than just knowledge. It encompasses the conscious application of knowledge in one’s behavior.
What does affability with people entail?Affability includes kindness, compassion, and empathy towards others. It reflects the ability to treat people with respect regardless of their background, position, or status.
How does affability demonstrate true intelligence?By choosing to treat others with kindness and respect, individuals demonstrate their ability to apply their knowledge in how they interact with others, showcasing a distinct form of intelligence.
Why is emotional intelligence important?Emotional intelligence is crucial as it enables individuals to understand and manage their emotions effectively and relate to others in a positive and empathetic manner.
How can affability contribute to building a harmonious society?Affability opens doors to building meaningful relationships, fostering unity, and promoting a peaceful and harmonious society by reducing biases, pride, and superiority and promoting a more compassionate and understanding approach.
How can one strive for excellence in all aspects of life?By embodying affability and constantly seeking personal growth and improvement, individuals can strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives, aligning with the true essence of intelligence.
What does the hadith teach us about true intelligence?The hadith emphasizes that true intelligence goes beyond knowledge and resides in our behavior towards others. It highlights the importance of kindness, respect, and empathy in demonstrating true intelligence.